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What is the Dirt Skirt?™

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At your work sites, two important things to manage are safety and efficiency. The Dirt Skirt™ is an innovative tool developed for the utility industry. The unique design of this cleanup tarp reduces the backbreaking use of shovels when cleaning up the worksite after setting a new utility pole.

The 10'x10' size and "hook and loop" fastener allows the Dirt Skirt™ to quickly lay out flat over the work site. The skirt is very simple to use and there are no special tools required. The time required to set a utility pole is reduced when using the Dirt Skirt™, which becomes very apparent at large work sites and areas of dense foliage. Since it is made from a durable
light-weight fabric, stowing large quantities is no problem.

Safety is important for everyone in the workforce,
which is one of the main reasons for developing the
Dirt Skirt™. It is designed to substantially reduce the
amount of shoveling performed by manual labor.
Therefore, the potential for job related injuries and
fatigue will be reduced - saving time and money.

The Dirt Skirt™ has some unique design features
that make it simple to use and increase efficiency
during the process of setting utility poles. Drilling
is preformed at the center of the Dirt Skirt™. The
10'x10' area around the hole is covered by the
Dirt Skirt™ and captures the dirt while digging is in
process. This will decrease the time and energy spent
shoveling the residual dirt back in and around the base
of the pole. Also, a winch is used to lift the Dirt Skirt™ which will help prevent back related injuries and increase efficiency. Straps are used to attach to the winch hook for a quick and easy latch and release.

The Dirt Skirt™ is a "must have" for those work sites
in landscaped areas and yards. The finished product
is a clean work site with no leftover dirt that has to be
spread around the area. The customer's existing
landscape will be intact and looking neat.

The Dirt Skirt™ is constructed of vinyl coated polyester, which is a durable, light-weight,
tear resistant material. it is designed to manage
all types of earth in various  applications, such as
water soaked mud weighing hundreds of pounds.
There is virtually no maintenance.



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