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Why do you need a Dirt Skirt?



Because you're sick and tired
of shoveling heavy loads around
a pole like this guy.


How our product works:

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Lay out the tarp over dig area                           Put auger in center of Dirt Skirt

                            Drill                                                        Allow dirt to spray out onto Dirt Skirt™

  Set the pole                                                                       Push dirt into hole

                 Pack dirt around pole                                         Hook Dirt Skirt™ to truck's winch  

        Lift Dirt Skirt with winch to dump             Remove Dirt Skirt™ from pole by pulling apart
     remaining dirt                                                    hook & loop fastener

Finished with a nice neat pile, ready to
move on to the next pole!


Yuck! Pile mess without using Dirt Skirt
Even with shovels, you just can't get it perfect.
Especially in tall grasses.

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